Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beautiful Day!!

Today was such a beautiful day! We decided to go outside and play. It was the first time to bust out the sunscreen. Harley smelled like summertime. It was great. He loved being outside and playing with Mom and Dad. Plus it was a good chance to air out the sleeping bags to get ready for camping. :)

Towards the end he was starting to get soo tired. But did NOT want to sleep (as usual). He did nap in his swing outside on the back porch. It was a great Sunday. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

McCall Winter Festival

Well we decided to go to the winter fest in McCall. It was a lot of fun, but super cold. We got there in time for the parade. Which was fun. :) We had a great weekend, just Harley had a hard time sleeping Saturday night, which means all of us had a hard time sleeping. But I think we will try it again next year!

This pic was from the parade. The baby behind Harley is about the same age, but he was super small and looked like a girl. But whatevs.

 Chelsa was all bundled up. We had Harley in about 4 layers and a bundler for the stroller.

 At the sushi restaurant. It was soo good. Who knew McCall would have good sushi and at a decent price. Harley was checkin the festival. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Malanaphy's Visit Idee-who

Well my parents, who I think are now officially Nana and PawPaw (easier for Harley to eventually spit out), came into Boise to visit for the holidays. I wanted to start off by showing our little trip to McCall with the Smiths. We stayed in a cabin near Jughandle mountain and went up to Brundage.

Well, par for a Malanaphy/Smith vacay for something to happen. First off, the cabin didn't have water for 24 hours. Apparently, McCalls complete lack of SNOW made it easier for the main pipe to the cabin to freeze over. Lame. Speaking of no snow, Nana and PaPa (I don't know how we are spelling it quite yet...), brought Texas weather to the mountains. It only snowed about 2 inches and then rained the rest of the time. Even when we were ABOVE 6000 ft... it was raining. We were all a little dissapointed. But we did get some quality mountain/family time in. :)

I'll post up some more pictures from my computer, I wanted to steal some of my Dad's pictures from the trip.

Harley and I bundled up for Brundage fireworks

Living room of the cabin. It didn't come with the carseat.

The little bit of snow we did get.

View of the back side of the cabin.

My dad snapped me, snapping photos.

Nana and PaPa in front on the cabin.

I covered Harley's ears for the booms!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Photo Shoot..

Sooo I'm not quite ready to have my own picture taken, but I'm more than willing to strip down my baby in the wintertime and strap a Santa hat to his noggin. Mike watched the debauchery and just shook his head. In 70 some odd pics, there were only a few that were usable for Christmas cards and other cute pics... but I will show the funny ones..  

"I got my eye on you, Mom"

Standard nekkid baby photo. I just love his expression.

Getting ready to walk out of the shoot. :)

Over it.

4 month visit!

Harley went to the dr and got his 4 month checkup. Here are his fighting stats:

Weight- 17lbs (holy crap)
Height- 26 in
Head size- 18 in (really?? only 8 inches less than his whole body!?)

He did really well. He did NOT care for the paper stuff on the table and when they gave him his shots, that's what he didn't like the most. It was too crink-ly apparently. The immunizations made him sick over the weekend and extra poopy (yay), but now he is feeling better and sleeping better. :)

Now he is eating solids regularly. His favorites are bananas (duh) and sweet potatoes. He didn't seem to mind pears too much either. :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Harley Rolls Over!

So the kid WOULD NOT roll over for me. Everyone else.. but me. Clearly, he has it out for me. Starting young with the stubbornness for sure. But finally a couple of days ago, he rolled from his tummy to his back while I was around! (yay!) Then today, I finally got to see him roll from back to front! (When I say he did it for everyone else but me... he's been doing it for about a week) I'm didn't count it until today!

Plus he has started to giggle.. I haven't caught this on video yet because it has been few and far between for me. Pretty cute when he does it though.

So here is a video of him rolling over.. I think it is toward the end..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First Wedding Anniversary!!

So Mike and I's first wedding anniversary was officially two days ago.. but this is a part-time blog, so I never promised to be on time. :) We aren't together on our first anniversary. We knew this would happen when we decided to move to Boise like we did (Harley and I first, then Mike in November). Mike had a dozen roses sent to the house and he wanted to do more, but we are trying to save a little moola with the move.

So in light of our absentee anniversary, we are planning on celebrating by spending an evening in McCall, Idaho.. which is beautiful! I'm just excited to see him again!